Nance Haxton and Carol Taylor discuss fashion for disability

Nance Haxton and Carol Taylor discuss fashion for disability

Prior to the opening of artisan's latest exhibition, Agency by Design: Expressive Design for Disability, award-winning journalist Nance Haxton and artist Carol Taylor discussed fashion for disability. Listen to the podcast here.

Nance Haxton, The Wandering Journo
Streets of Your Town - Carol Taylor's fashion for disability

Have you ever stopped to contemplate how difficult it is to find appropriate clothing, if you have a disability? And not just functional clothing, but fashionable, beautiful, and fun clothing. Imagine being at the top of your career, leading your own legal practice, but unable to find appropriate professional clothing to wear. This is the dilemma that faces solicitor Carol Taylor regularly. A car accident in 2001 left Carol Taylor a quadriplegic, paralysed from the chest down, and unable to move her fingers.

Since those difficult days, Carol has become a mother, and returned to work becoming principal of Taylor Law and Conveyancing. And now she adds artist and fashion designer to her achievements. 

Carol's works are now on display in Agency by Design: Expressive Design for Disability at artisan until July 13. Her dream now is to create designs for beautiful garments that can be made into patterns, for people with a disability around the world to wear. Listen to the podcast here.